About Cubing Nigeria

We are a non-profit organization that exists to promote speedcubing in Nigeria and foster a strong community of cubers across Nigeria.

We organize competitions and run workshops around the country to increase participation in speedcubing across all ages. We have been organizing such contests since 2015 and have reached thousands of Nigerians through our programs. Within the past few years, we have organized five inter-school competitions that have been very positively received.

Some of the participants at our last tournament had this to say:

My son used to be restless and unfocused. But ever since he started cubing he has become more focused.


I was an observer at the Rubik Cube 1st Annual Competition at Victoria Island Lagos. The programme started at 10:00am. The environment was really conducive and homely. I met a lot of competitors both old and young. Before that day, I used to think that the maximum time to solve Rubik cube was five (5) minutes but when I got there, I was shocked when I saw people solving it within 10 – 15 seconds. I also saw people who could scramble and solve it with just one hand. The event was fun and although we didn’t stay till the end of the event, I really enjoyed myself.

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